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Pixelate ! Pixelate is a new Survival server, we have a variety of people from around the world! We Have lots Of Features And An Awesome Good Ole Claim Plugin,There's also 1.8pvp despite the server being 1.9 Come join and share the fun with your friends as well :D

 Online Minecraft

GamerArmy is an economy based survival server that is focused towards casual players. Active staff are able to assist you whenever you require help. Or, contact us on the forums! Plugins: Essentials Dynmap LockettePro SignShop Minigames CoreProtect Lottery +More! Website: Dynmap: Connection info:



Fk it! We are amazing! 1.8/1.12 Cracked Griefprevention PlayerWarps Economy Deathmatch PvP-Friendly Spawners No Lagg


Extremecraft (Example Server)

Tags: Factions, Creative, Economy, Land Lord, Multi World, PVP, PVE Olympia RPG: Join awesome RPG Minecraft server. This server is only example and it will be removed as soon as users starts to submit own servers.

Servers: + Survival + SemiVanilla + SurvivalGames/HungerGames + Factions + SkyGrid + SkyWars + SkyBlock + AcidIsland + Creative + RPG + EggWars



¡Servidor de minecraft de habla hispana!
¡Entra y descubre todo lo que tenemos para ofrecerte!
Tags: Survival, Parcelas, Residence, Lotería, PvP, PvE, No lag, 1.8, Trabajos, Tiendas.



Economy Skyblock Magical Survival Magic Spells
Adventure treasure hunter, Guns Custom Mobs, Maps





Yoshee08 Survival

Welcome to Yoshee08! We’re a fun and friendly that welcomes people of all ages! If you’re looking for a more unique and entertaining Minecraft experience, with many different entertainment venues to play with friends, this is the server for you!. Like any other server, we have to make enough money to have awesome servers and plugins, so we have donation ranks to help keep us running. These ranks are cheap and give awesome perms and rewards, so you’ll be heavily benefited by helping us to keep the server running! Even if you don't donate, you won't miss out, so don't worry about it. We look forward to seeing you around! Yoshee08, Be there, or be square.



McBullies is a Semi-Vanilla Anarchy server owned by EnergyCell, with very few rules to keep the server Anarchy and playable. You may view our one and only rule on the website, and we also remind you in-game. Using just this one rule, we ensure that our server remains stable, and we wish for everyone to come play with us and have fun!


[Attack of the B-Team] SorbMC Mi

Tags: Attack of the bteam, modpack, technic, not very active, Vote Rewards, cracked A server for Attack of the B-Team


Kekec Craft

Slovenski minecraft strežnii, poudarek je na survivalu. Nudi poseben teren; 3 svetove, prvi izmed njih je kot normalen, a bolj carski minecraft teren, naslednji je svet otočkov v zraku in zadnji popolna ravnina.


Normal Survival just like real w

join and have fun . Let play survive. This server is normal nothing like click there to go for like others :)


MC Kingdoms

New towny server Looking for staff. We have Slime fun, Towny Wars, Eco, MCMMO, and alot of other add ons. We also have a discord channel for you to join and get in touch with our staff and new community.


Tomb Craft Online

--------Tomb Craft Online---------- Tomb Craft Online or (TCO) is a Custom survival faction server with MMORPG like features thats currently in a Open Beta like state. Join with your friends on an epic race to build a powerful faction, conquer "Tombs" that have been placed in the world filled with powerful monsters and strong custom scripted boss fights with unique attacks and loot. Travel to one of the four "Towns" located around the world filled with guards, npc and traders with custom items for sale, you can also craft "Trade Packs" with various resources to bring to other Towns for a much higher value. Currently this is only the beginning of our plans with TONS of more features planned for the future but with only three people we have made some very good progress over the past 4 weeks. Server -------Server Features----------- - Over 15800 Lines of custom script (at last count) - Over 500 Custom NPC (More almost everyday!) - 2 Fully complete "Tombs" With 3 Difficulty levels Normal, Heroic and Mythic with scripted boss fights and custom mobs (With many more already being built) - Mcmmo with no lock on skills so you can mix and match to your liking - Factions with base raiding - 4 Fully populated towns to visit with npcs, guards and traders (These 4 towns are not safe zones you can kill other players here just make sure the guards don't see you!) - 8 Craftable and findable custom armor sets with special enchants and set effects - Trade Pack System with 16 craftable Packs (World PvP - Economy) - Job system with 11 jobs to pick from - Login and Vote Rewards - Recruit a Friend Rewards - Custom Loot System - CrazyAuctions - Custom Health System - Custom Craftable Potions And much much more! Server Check out our Enjin Website:


VictoryMC [1.8-1.12]

Factions ✓ Custom ✓ Genning Buckets ✓ Drop Parties ✓ PVP ✓ Events ✓ Giveaways ✓ Ranks ✓ Rankup ✓ Voting ✓ Genning Buckets ✓ Sell Stick ✓ AND MUCH MORE!!!